We give you 5 ways to prevent carjacking.



1. Lock up - this is always the first step you need to remember, always lock up your doors and keep your windows up. Unlocked car doors are an easy prey for carjackers because it is easy to open they don't need to force it open or even bring any effort to open your car and get away with it. Keep your windows up, even with your locked door it is easy to open your car from the inside if your windows are wide open the inside lock of your car will be easy to grab. Always remember to lock up your door and keep your windows up even if you are inside or outside of your car.


2. Keep pricey items out of view to those outside your car - don't put your laptops or cellphone on your dashboards or any pricey items that may catch an eye for thefts, valuable items that are easy to sell will always be thefts number one signal for a go. Your car will always be vulnerable to carjackers or thieves if there are pricey and valuable items inside your car. The easier way to this just never leave your things inside your car may it be pricey or not.


3. Look around when parking - remember parking lots are go-to for a carjacker, they may choose any car they like and look if it's easy to access or not. Never park your car too far with fewer people and in dark places, when parking, park in the direction where you will leave to give you less time to maneuver your car and move to your next destination. Always park in a well-lit area.









4. Plan ahead - plan your route before leaving, asking for directions can be a tip-off for possible carjacker giving them the idea that you are lost and don't know the way. Avoid driving through unfamiliar places avoid ways that have fewer people.


5. Staying alert - always be vigilant to your surroundings, when inside your car and you see a flyer or money under your wiper never go out to remove it this is some trick carjackers use to let you get out of your car and not even minding to lock it just to remove a trick, they can rush to get inside your car and run your over. If someone is trying to stop you saying your vehicle has a problem don't stop immediately pull over at a spot that is safe.


carjacking incident



This is just some easy steps on preventing a carjacking, always remember even if it's not that rampant you never know if you will be one of those people who will be preys of carjackers. Safety will always be first.