Survival Cave Food’s Mission Statement:

Here at Survival Cave Food, we strongly believe that each customer has a right to receive the absolute finest in survival food. We take great care to ensure that the food you purchase from Survival Cave Food is wholesome, nutritious, easy to prepare, long-lasting, and tastes great. It is our mission to ensure that you and your loved ones are always prepared to face whatever might come your way. We make it our business to meet to your survival needs. For this reason, we always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products. Your safety and satisfaction is our priority.

Preparing for the Worst:

We all hope for the best but unfortunately emergencies do occur. In this unpredictable world, emergency food storage is important and necessary. Survival Cave Food has taken the guesswork out of the process of selecting survival food. We’ve dedicated years of research, and on-hand experience to bring you the highest quality, best tasting and longest-lasting foods available. In fact, we are an industry leader in survival food, offering freeze-dried and dehydrated products, all with a minimum shelf-life of 25 years.

Why We’re Industry Leaders:

As industry leaders, we also manufacture and offer canned meats with an indefinite shelf live. We’ve created manufacturing techniques to lock-in flavor and freshness within our products, all without compromising the quality of our product line. Our canned meats are all natural, always free of harmful chemicals and by-products, and our livestock are treated and processed humanely. We are committed to upholding our key values of honesty, integrity, compassion, safety, and efficiency.

What We Offer You

Our survival foods meet the needs of many campers, hunters, survivalists and anyone who wants to prepared for the future. In our freeze dried/dehydrated foods we also offer options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many of our meals also have deserts and drinks.

A Few Important Facts About Our Product Lines:

Having access to protein is important during an emergency. Protein aids the body in producing enough energy to combat stress in order to make rational decisions. Survival Cave Food does not water down our products, nor do we add unnecessary by-products or harmful preservatives. So rather than wasting your money on grocery-store products that have short shelf-lives and that have water and fillers why not buy the best.

Free Offers:

Survival Cave Food is more than a company who sells products for profits. We are a family based company that has a core of values and principals that drives us to help everyone prepare for the unknown. We believe that all families and individuals have the right to be prepared when disaster strikes. For this reason, we regularly offer free giveaways on how you can better prepare your family. Would you like to learn how to create a self-sustaining garden on a small budget? What about learning the basics of home defense? Our giveaways are intended to help you prepare for virtually any worst-case-scenario. You can also read our blog for other tips relating to emergency preparedness.

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