The 7 Deadly Sins to Avoid When Prepping

7 Deadly Sins When Prepping

When it comes to prepping, there are certain character traits that could be potential deadfalls if you do not keep them in check. Let’s go over these characteristics or deadly sins, and see if you fall into any of these areas. And if so, do you have the survival skills that it takes to rise above them. Along with the characteristics, we will provide you with some survival tips that may help. 

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7 Steps to protect your Home from Break-ins


According to FBI, there were more over than 2.2.millions break-ins on the United States and almost 74% of them are residential burglaries. Currently, homeowners are now having some sort of electronic security system to scare off burglars, but let's all be honest not all burglars are scared of security systems like CCTV right? Burglars now use masks to hide their faces in case any of the homes they break-in has a CCTV, a smart move right?

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Top 10 things must have in your First Aid Kit for Survival

First Aid Kit is a pack which has supplies and equipment used to give medical treatment if medical respondents can't reach you or may not be available.

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits are essential for survival and it is one of the things for survival that is easy to prepare and should be included in your survival kits. We all may be wondering what are the essential things that should be inside you First Aid Kit and can be used for most common injuries, well there are many lists out there which gives you the things you must have in your First Aid Kit but here we have chopped it all out to which are the most needed.


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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Carjacking



We all heard the news about carjacking it has captured headlines across the states. Statistics say that your chances of being carjacked are small, but prevention is always better because we never know in that small percentage of possible carjacking it may be us. It may happen anytime and anywhere and sometimes victims may be kidnapped, injured or even killed we don't want that to happen on any of us or any of our family member.

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10 Tips on keeping your family safe after an earthquake

after the earthquake

Earthquake is the shaking of the surface of the Earth, resulting from the sudden release of energy in the Earth's lithosphere that creates seismic waves. Earthquakes can happen at any given time without any notice, it's is the disaster we will not know when to come and one of the scariest. During an earthquake, all we may think about is how to keep our family safe, always remember to stay calm do not panic a calm mind makes you think fast and remember everything you practice at that earthquake drill.

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The 10 Essentials To Protect Yourself From An Attack


Have you ever felt scared while walking down the street feeling like someone might be following you and might attack you any time? What would you do if it will actually happen? How will you fight back? Well, you might as well just run as fast as you could to escape, that may be a good idea, but what if there are chances that you were able to run away but was caught up in an alley with no way out or, you were caught by the attacker before you even had the chance to run? What would you do? Attackers always choose those vulnerable at the most unexpected time and day no choosing between it be day or night.

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Cyber Attacks | 5 ‘How To’ Tips To Stay Safe Online




One of the significant threats affecting almost everyone globally is cyber-crime. From governments, big corporations to individuals, no one is immune. Billions of dollars are siphoned from bank accounts through cyber-attacks. Identities are stolen, important information destroyed and generally, the lives of people put at risk because of cyber-crime. Cyber security - cyber attacks is a major concern in the technology era. Although you cannot completely eradicate the threat, there are things you can do to make it hard for the attackers to locate or access your details.

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