Product Questions

What is the shelf life of your canned meats?

The packaging of our can meats is monitored by the USDA and there is no expiration date on the can.

How do I read the code on the bottom of the can?

EXAMPLE DATE: B5208 B = Beef 5 = 2015 ....

What is the shelf life of your freeze dried/dehydrated foods?

All of our freeze dried/dehydrated foods have a 25 year shelf life.

How is your meat different from grocery store meat?

Our meats are hand selected cuts with no bone, fat or grizzle. We only source from a hand full of US farmers and they are not “factory farms”....

Are your meats low sodium?

Yes all of our meats are very low in sodium

Are your meats low fat?

Yes, our meats are low fat and we hand trim and select all meats.

What temperature should the meats be stored at?

The ideal temperature for storage is in a cool dry place at 55-65 degrees....

Are your meats low cholesterol?

Yes, they are very low in cholesterol.

Are there local places I can buy your product?

Currently are products are only available online.

Is there a lining in the can?

We do not use a plastic lining in our cans. We use a very high quality food grade can that are much thicker than the ones you find in the grocery stores.

Do the cans have BPA?

We do not manufacture the cans so we do not have control over that process but keep in mind that everything inside your and any plastics you come into contract with (that are not labeled BPA free) contain BPA’s. Our cans are food grade and completely safe.

Are the animals grass fed?

Our animals are feed a combination of grass and wheat.

Are the animals given antibiotics?

No there are no antibiotics used in the raising of our animals

Are your foods GMO free?

94 % of all of the wheat in the USA has some form of GMO’s....

Are your foods gluten free?

All of our meats are gluten free. Also many of the meals we manufacture are gluten free.

Do you need to add water to your foods?

Our meats are cooked in their own natural juices and no water or broth is added.

Do you offer dehydrated meats?

We do not offer dehydrated meats because it destroys the quality of the meat.

Where do your meats come from?

All of our meats come from small farmers only in the USA

Do you use mylar bags?

No, Mylar bags are nothing more than plastic bags and they tend to get holes and compromise the quality of the food and allow oxygen to get in.

Do you use a nitrogen flush?

No, Nitrogen flushes only “displace a small amount of oxygen.

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