How is your meat different from grocery store meat?

Our meats are hand selected cuts with no bone, fat or grizzle. We only source from a hand full of US farmers and they are not “factory farms”. They are humanely processed and we process without preservatives, additives or chemicals. The only ingredients are high quality meat and a small amount of salt. They are low fat, low sodium and low cholesterol. The raw meats are then packed in the cans and sealed. We then slow pressure cook the entire can once its sealed in extra heavy duty cans. This process insures no air is in contact with the air after it’s cooked. This process cooks the meat, kills any bacteria and gives it a very long shelf life.

Most grocery store meats use every part of the animal of lower quality factory farmed meats (you can imagine what that is), contain fillers, preservatives, additives and tons of salt. They cook the eat outside of the can and then dump some meat into the can. Since the weight normally doesn’t meet the ounces published on the can, they will add water or broth to fill of the can so you end up with soggy low quality meat. The grocery store process they use gives about a 18 month to 24 month shelf life.

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