Have you ever felt scared while walking down the street feeling like someone might be following you and might attack you any time? What would you do if it will actually happen? How will you fight back? Well, you might as well just run as fast as you could to escape, that may be a good idea, but what if there are chances that you were able to run away but was caught up in an alley with no way out or, you were caught by the attacker before you even had the chance to run? What would you do? Attackers always choose those vulnerable at the most unexpected time and day no choosing between it be day or night.



So here are some tips on how to protect yourself from an attack:







1.Stay calm - always stay calm do not panic or argue with the attacker if you panic you will giving your attacker a big advantage.


2. Observe your attacker - observe your attacker if they lift both arms to fight you they may not have any weapon but if their other hand is behind them or is trying to grab something from their pocket they might have a weapon.


3. Don't fight back - if possible do not fight back with your attacker. Do not argue with your attacker if possible be quiet if they are stealing your stuff give it anyways you can always buy your things but not bring yourself alive from being dead if the attacker decides to kill you just for the things they want from you.


4. Protect yourself at all cost - always try to protect yourself all the time, your life is much more expensive than your things, if your attacker has a knife stay away from his arm or try to grab the hand where the weapon is and try to disarm or if they have a gun try to run away dodging from left to right.


5. Plan smart - look at your attacker if they show less confidence with the attacks you might want to fight back than surrendering to your attacker.


6. Try to disarm the attacker - it's best to go for the vulnerable parts of the attacker, try to poke their eyes, punch the throat and if your attacker is a male try to kick or punch his groin, this will depend on which part of their body is more accessible to your reach.


7. Look for safe pathways - always avoid walking alone you will always be vulnerable to an attack if you are alone, stay away from places with fewer lights and people try to plan the route you are taking.


8. Arm yourself - try to bring pocket knives or pepper sprays this will be handy and very useful when surprise attacks happen.


9. If possible create a weapon - if everything escalates try to grab something that you can make as a weapon.


10. As soon as you escape look for help - if you are able to escape your attacker which you will need to, seek help may it be police assistance or medical assistance.


Always remember if your attacker just wants your phone, money or wallet just if possible give it to them don't risk your life for the things you can just buy.