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How to prevent an attack

We all have been in a situation where we felt uncomfortable or a least felt like something is wrong. The human creature is really a complex being and we do still have those instincts that kept us alive for thousands of years before modern conveniences. Chances are that if you feel uncomfortable then there probably is a good reason for it.

Being prepared for an attack is really the best way to prevent an attacker. It all starts with awareness. I hear people say that they should be able to go wherever they want and have their freedom to go at any time of day. Well, they can do this but if you go to the worst part of town in the middle of the night then you are just asking for trouble. Try to plan out your trips. Can you go run your errands early in the morning as opposed to going at night after work? Statistics show that one of the lowest crime rates is early in the morning after the sun comes up. It’s also a lot less crowded and you may be able to get things done faster.

What stores do you frequent? Take a look at the stores you go to now. Are they in a safe neighborhood? Do they have locations in a nicer area? Often times the bad areas get the inferior products and also tend to charge more because people in those neighborhoods might not have transportation. Retailers take advantage of this by charging more to those customers. You may have to drive a little more but you may save some money and you may have a better selection.

Check your surroundings. One of the biggest mistakes people make is they tend to get into their own little world and forget to check their surroundings. Before you park your car take these steps. Look where you are parking. Is it well lit? If the sun is up when you park, will it be up when you return or will there be lighting? Are you parking close to a heavily traveled area or are you parking far from the available of help?

Look before you exit your car. Are there people around? What do they look like? Are they acting normal or are they positioned to check out the parking area and find victims? We honest people don’t think like this but criminals are looking for opportunities and that includes that unsuspecting motorist getting out of their car. When you exit your car, make sure you look around again. Look at the path you are about to walk. Does it look safe and clear or are there people between us and the entrance of a building that may pose a threat?

Look confident. When you exit your car, make sure you look around, walk with confidence and continually check your path. Criminals don’t like to attack observant confident people. They are looking to take you by surprise and if you seem like a confident aware person, they very well may decide you are going to be a problem they don’t want to encounter.

Lastly make sure you have a weapon ready. Whether you have a gun, knife, pepper spray or other weapon, having it available is a must. Having pepper spray in your purse or a gun in your car does you no good if you can’t get to it. Many women will carry a pepper spray on their key chains but put their keys in their purse as soon as they exit the car. If they get their purse snatched or they are attacked it won’t do you much good.

All in all you best defense in preventing an attack is to stay clear of where this may occur and be the confident aware person that does not attract a would be attacker. Criminals look for opportunities and you can change your odds of getting attacked just be changing a few simple things. Good luck and stay safe.