Earthquake is the shaking of the surface of the Earth, resulting from the sudden release of energy in the Earth's lithosphere that creates seismic waves. Earthquakes can happen at any given time without any notice, it's is the disaster we will not know when to come and one of the scariest. During an earthquake, all we may think about is how to keep our family safe, always remember to stay calm do not panic a calm mind makes you think fast and remember everything you practice at that earthquake drill.


after the earthquake


We all know that no one knows when earthquakes will happen even the weather forecast can tell us when will it happen all we need to do just be prepared stay calm before the earthquake will even happen we need to sit down with our family and talk about it letting everyone know that it may happen and when it happens you will all be prepared.


But how about after earthquakes? We all still need to make our family after all that. Here are few tips on keeping your family safe after an earthquake.


1. Get out - if you are indoors during an earthquake make sure you get out once it stopped, ceilings and others things from above may fall down. Go outside and stay somewhere farm from electrical posts and other buildings that might fall.


2. Check if someone is injured - check every one of your family members if anyone is injured, if minor injuries you can always pull-out your First Aid Kit and if it is a major injury run to the nearest hospital.


3. Help others - after taking care of yourself and your family making sure everyone is in good condition look around if anyone else is in need of help.


4. Be prepared - earthquakes may have after shocks so we all need to be prepared if the aftershock happens if you feel one always remember drop, cover and hold on.


5. Check home for damage - If you suspect your home is not safe do not go back in.


6. Don't light a fire or a match - always remember after an earthquake there may be a blackout never light a match or a candle you gas pipe might leak always use a flashlight and try to smell your house if it smells like gas.


7. Turn off all appliances - make sure to turn off appliances after the earthquake so when the electricity comes back you will prevent fire starts.


8. Be cautious - when opening doors cabinets and closets with caution, contents may have moved during the earthquake and may fall causing injury.


9. Listen to the news - always have a battery operated radio with you if the power is out this will be your source of information on any emergencies and instructions.


10. Use telephone for emergencies only - make sure to put back telephone in the cradles, so if an emergency arises the line will be open and easy for you to be contacted.



Always remember we can never know when and where earthquakes will happen all we can do is be prepared.