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Customer Testimonials

  • Awesome food for a healthy diet!

  • Kymm

    l LOVE your food from Your meat products are so superior to anything I have tried and I have tried many brands from store brands to survival brands. I can honestly say that it is better then what we grew up canning at home when we butchered growing up as a child. I use this as a treat to be honest, because I want to save some for emergencies.

    I so wish I could afford to buy your products for everyday use period. It is so much healthier and tastes so delicious, not to mention the convenience Survival Cave Food is Number 1 in my book and if I could make a video telling you all about the versatile tasty meals you could make I would in a heart beat. I would order my winnings asap to make sure I was one of the first in line to get your GREAT products. After trying to prepare for emergencies this is by far the place to shop. Bring on the Beef both chucks and ground fantastic! As well as there other meat products Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Taco so much more to offer besides top grade meats. But they offer everything you need right on the new and much improved home page.

    Thank you J. R. and your Staff for all the help with my past orders I am so excited that you have extended your contest to include photos, I had my granddaughter take this last minute. That's what emergency is last minute so no make up or anything fancy just me in my storage full of emergency goodies to live with daily and store for the future for my family if we end up in an emergency situation we will thrive not just survive!  I wanted to just send you the words of praise you deserve in your food and all the community homeless work that your company does as well. God BLess you All In Jesus Name Amen!


  • Survival cave food Margaret

    $500 WINNER!

    My daughter was sleeping and came out of her room asking "hey what smells so good"...I said it's a surprise. So she came down for dinner and said well serve it up! I told her it was Stroganoff and she was delighted. We sat down and began to eat she said "the meat is really tender did you use chuck roast". That's when I told her it was your product,Survival cave food Heat and serve beef. She said "this is out of a can?" Yep I said,so what do you think? Wow... who'd have thought it". The next night, I tried the ground beef to make sloppy joe's and we both were amazed at the quality and taste of your products. We can't wait to try the chicken, pork and turkey. Thank you for stellar products!

    Survival cave food Margaret  
  • Survival cave food Tom  
  • Survival cave food beef review  
  • Survival cave food beef review camo  
  • Survival cave food canned meat review  
  • Survival cave food canned meat review -Drew

    I've been using your canned meats for quite awhile !!! I'm telling you, this beef taste just like my mom's roast!! Can you say comfort food!! With the liquid I make an awesome gravy !!! Just add flour to heating liquid and some seasonings of your choice .... Some steamed veggies or mashed potatoes  ( my personal fave) and waa laa, a delicious meal... Perfect for the bachelors out there!! 


    I also use your other meats, the chicken, turkey, pork and ground beef!! They are all fantastic tasting and the folks at church marvel at the dishes I bring involving your meats!! They feel I've quite the talent in the kitchen... when in fact it is your product....! 

    Can't say enough... And the fact of it's shelf life.... I mean ... What more can I say...?. Myself and my whole family are sold on your Long Term Food Storage!

    On behalf of countless satisfied customers... Thank you, thank you , thank you!! Sincerely, 

    Drew Walker- Texas, USA

    Survival cave food canned meat review -Drew  
  • Survivalcave food canned meat review - Ralph

    I am new to Emergency Preparedness but committed to getting a food supply that will last for the long-term.  I am on a limited budget, so before buying any food in quantity, it only made sense for me to buy samples from the different companies and taste them to see what I like.  I tested Survival Cave beef against the canned meat from the only two other companies I could find.




         My first thought on tasting Survival Cave beef - I CAN'T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I TASTED A STEAK THIS GOOD.  Then I realized it was not a steak.  I was such a pig I ate the whole can right then and there.  The cans of Brand K and Brand Y were filled with fat and both were pretty bland to the taste.  My dog liked them but me not so much.  




    You could tell they were meat but that's about all.  Survival Cave beef was so tasty that at first I didn't use any salt or any sauce on it and I put salt on everything.  The only time in my life before this that I can remember eating beef and not flavoring it was when I had a steak at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  Needless to say, my very limited budget for long-tern canned meat will all be spent on Survival Cave.




    Ralph Crawford


    Savannah, GA

    Survivalcave food canned meat review - Ralph
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