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J.R. Fisher, President of Survivalcave Inc.
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J.R. Fisher President of Survivalcave Inc. 

J.R. Fisher is an accomplished expert in the areas of survival and preparedness. After beginning a successful survival products website several years ago, Mr. Fisher launched another company that now manufactures long term storage foods such as freeze dried food and long term canned meats.  Fisher is a leader in survival methods and disaster preparedness with years of experience in both arenas. His speaking programs provide sound, reliable information that is not only educational, but highly entertaining, as well!

Fisher’s specialty line of Survivalcavefood is sold and distributed on hundreds of websites, and at gun and camping stores nationwide. A foremost expert in long term food storage, Fisher has a common sense approach to emergency preparedness. He himself practices survival and preparedness methods based upon personal research and his experience as a state certified Emergency Medical Technician and as a member of one of the largest all volunteer rescue squads in the world. His thousands of hours of ambulance experience have provided him a unique and hands-on knowledge that enables him to develop helpful, practical programs that anyone can easily apply to their own preparedness efforts.

Fisher holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Old Dominion University. He also operates several websites that provide essential survival, camping, and preparedness information. Inquiries regarding speaking engagements may be directed to or by calling 800-719-7650.