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Ten Failures That FEMA Doesn't Want You to Know About


Failures that FEMA doesn't want you to know about

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) partners with Homeland Security to aid Americans and people in other countries in case a major disaster occurs. They give out food and water and help provide shelter to those who have lost their homes. But it has only been in recent years after terrorist attacks on U.S. soil that Homeland Security has joined this group. This has increased suspicions towards why a group that was created to fight terrorists would need to be involved in aiding those who have been in an earthquake or flooding. Few Americans feel that they have any hope of being able to truly count on their assistance because of this. But that isn't the only reason. FEMA has been hiding several truths from Americans who falsely believe that they will save them in case a catastrophe strikes. Read on for ten of them that will make you remember why you absolutely must have your own disaster plan and survival supplies ready.



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