Secret Self Defense Tips for Women

 Self Defense for Women

Today, we live in a world where there is a near-constant threat of war, nuclear disaster, global warming and other similar catastrophes. So we are never surprised to wake up to another morning spent answering emails and phone calls from worried families.


What would it be like to have to survive without any of the creature comforts we rely so heavily on - without even realizing it? What would you need to survive yourself and help your family do the same? If you are a woman in such a society, what threats would you face and how would you successfully combat those threats?


Becoming a survivalist is about thinking through these grueling questions in advance. By taking a proactive approach to skills-building,stockpiling suppliesand self defense strategies, you ensure you are ready for anything that might arrive at any moment. In this article, we take a closer look at secret self defense tips for women that can turn you into a fearsome feminine survivalist!


Self Defense Tip 1:Get fit and stay fit.

If you are notphysically fit, then the only way you can defend yourself during an attack will be with the help of outside implements, tools or weapons. If you don't have any of these things with you when you are attacked, you will essentially be helpless.


And even if you do have a weapon or tool on hand, you will not be strong enough to wield it with deadly force. Maintaining a strict regiment of personal health and fitness will keep your mind sharp and your body strong, giving you that essential extra advantage to defend yourself from an attacker.


Self Defense Tip 2:Use your fear as a force to be reckoned with.

Even if you are too busy defending yourself to feel consciously afraid during an attack, have no doubt that you will be afraid. Your ancient limbic brain survival system will ensure it. Fear is actually your best friend in an attack. Fear releases massive amounts of adrenaline that can either paralyze you or empower you.


Fear can also serve as an early warning signal of impending attack. Your fear instinct is as old as the first living beings on Earth. It uses all of your senses - sight, sound, touch, smell, taste - to detect any hint of danger. Then it readies your body for what is coming. So when you feel fear, or even if you only feel that surge of adrenaline, harness it and use it to increase your self defense power.


Self Defense Tip 3:Use your available energy wisely.

Unless you are a championship bodybuilder or weight lifter, there is a good chance a potential attacker may be physically stronger than you are. But this doesn't mean you can't prevail over an attacker.


What you do will determine who wins the struggle. Don't erode your available strength and energy by screaming, punching, evading or running. Instead, stand your ground and focus on making each movement count.


Cause injury by any means necessary. Knowwhich body parts are most vulnerable(eyes, groin, kidneys, nose, Adam's apple, shin, instep, solar plexus, knee, nose, jaw, sternum) and go right for them with the intent to strike with maximum force.


Self Defense Tip 4:Take a self defense class.

You need to be confident to repel an attacker. While any self defense techniques you learn, whether in a class or on your own, will be helpful if you are attacked, it isyour confidence levelthat will matter most.


In fact, the more confident you are and the more you display that confidence, the less likely you will be to be targeted for attack. This is where the benefit of a self defense class comes in - you will be in a group with other women who want to take back their power and stand up to potential attackers. You will draw confidence from each other and take inspiration from each other that you will carry with you from then on.


Self Defense Tip 5:Start with prevention.

Building on Tip 4 here, a display of confidence can go a long way to deflecting a potential attacker from honing in on you as a potential victim. But there are other preventative techniques that can also discourage a would-be attacker.


Of course, in a survivalist setting, all bets are off as far as being able to follow some common tips ("stay in a well-lit area" is a useless tip if all the power has gone out!). But there are other tips that you can use that will still be valid forpreventing a potential attack:


- Don't go off by yourself.

- Stand straight and tall and walk with purpose.

- Do not look down or rustle around in your bag.

- Have your keys (or weapon, or stick, or your cologne spray, et al) in hand and visible.

- Be aware of and avoid known dangerous areas.


Self Defense Tip 6:Never get any closer to your attacker than you have to.

No matter how you and your potential attacker are positioned, your goal will always be to do the most damage from maximum distance. This will require some lightning-quick assessment, but you can do it.


Find the vulnerable body part that is already closest to you and do your worst to that body part. Don't move closer just to reach a body part you think is more vulnerable, because that will then make you more vulnerable in turn.


Self Defense Tip 7:Use your strongest areas to target your attacker's weakest areas.

Even though areas like major joints (elbow, knee) are easily injured when attacked, they are also two of your most effective weapons for attack.


Add to these the skull (there is a reason people can play soccer for years and still manage to function in day-to-day life) and you already have a fearsome arsenal of weapons you can use to send your attacker running for cover. Also, don't forget about leveraging your own body's weight as a weapon.


Self Defense Tip 8:Trust your instincts.

Too many women are injured in attacks because they give in to fear, self-doubt or hopelessness. In the moment of the attack, these victims forget they have been programmed to survive. Homo sapiens has been on this planet for well over 200,000 years.


So if you've gotten this far, that means there is something pretty powerful in your own genetic makeup that has qualified you to keep passing along your DNA. You represent Darwin's "survival of the fittest," and you do have what it takes to defend yourself successfully during an attack. You just have to remember this and trust your inner survivalist's instincts to do what comes naturally, drawing on all of your survivalist skills and training to prevail over your attacker.


By following these eight secret self defense tips for women, you can prepare yourself for a day that may come when all you truly have to rely on for defense and survival is your own self.