How to Hide Yourself in Public

How to hide yourself in public

Hiding right in the middle of the public eye can be a huge asset, whether you need to get by unnoticed or not. These ten tips will help you learn how to conceal yourself right out in the open through a variety of different methods and tricks. Whether you just want a little privacy - or you feel you're actually in danger - these tips are guaranteed to help you stay under the radar.

1. Blend Into Your Surroundings
The first trick to hiding within a crowd is to blend, make yourself a part of the crowd. First, think about your very appearance. You want to make sure that you won't attract attention via your clothing, hair color or style, facial hair, etc. The best way to make yourself look discreet is by making sure you look just like everyone else. Sometimes this could be a simple shaving of oddly-shaped facial hair. Other times, this might require you to buy a few new articles of clothing that won't stand out. 

When it comes to blending in, one major rule is to never wear black. While your favorite ninjas might be decked head to toe in black, this will only leave you sticking out light a sore thumb in a crowd. 

2. The Psychology of Hiding 
There are many reasons why someone might choose to hide in public. It could be for basic privacy reasons, fear, anxiety, or more. As mentioned before, one of the very best ways hide yourself in public is by blending into your surroundings. Simply not sticking out and attracting attention is the majority of the solution. 

Surprisingly, hiding is a learned behavior that we used to keep ourselves safe when we were children. It is not surprising that we carry these skills and tools into adulthood, to use when we are scared for our safety or well-being. 

3. Walking With Purpose
Learn to move with patience, like you don't have anywhere in particular to be. Many people that grow impatient - which translates into how we walk - can often be picked out from a crowd. Because of this, you want to make sure that your strides are even and relaxed. Try to move with fluidity and ease, as jerky movements are also very easy to see. 

When it comes to walking with purpose, this means having your destination in mind. Don't veer off course to do something unpredictable. You especially don't want to disturb any birds walking around, as birds taking off in flight will immediately draw attention.

4. Be Alert
You should always be aware of your surroundings, including people, no matter where you are. Whether you're driving, walking down the street or riding on public transportation, being alert can mean the difference between staying hidden or getting hurt. Very casually take notice of the people in your direct vicinity and what they look like. You never know when this information will be useful.

Look for people that may be acting nervous or suspicious. These will people that are fidgeting, talking to themselves, taking photos or people and more. If a person is doing something to draw attention to themselves, you either want to keep an eye on them or put some distance between you. 

5. Act Natural 
There is more to it then what you look like. It's also about how you act. If you're nervous, sweating or acting strange, people will most likely take notice of you. Once someone has taken notice of you, then you are no longer hidden in public, no matter who that person is. 

So what does acting naturally mean, exactly? When people are nervous they tend to fidget or act strangely. This could be walking too fast, biting nails, pulling hair and more. Pay attention to each action that your body takes and try to refrain from these unconscious movements. Think of how you typically walk when you aren't trying to hide. Think of the manner in which you would walk if you were completely relaxed and stress-free.

6. Go With the Flow
The best way to go with the flow is to attune to your body, including everything that is around you. Be aware that you simply can't control everything, but that doesn't mean you can't keep a watchful eye out. If something happens while you are out, try to take control of the situation in a normal manner, without getting yourself entangled. 

You can also start this process by taking a walk around the block and take notice of the people that look at you. Do they seem to be interested or surprised? Then you might want to assess what you could be doing differently. Did they just give you a cursory glance? Then continue on as normal. The more you practice walking around like this, the more it will become a natural act. Remember to do regular breathing as you walk in public, to help keep yourself calm and free of worry. 

7. Hide Your Digital Background
One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to hide in public is failing to mask your digital background. Credit cards are one major way that you can be found or identified, as it is a purchase method that links your current location to all of your information and details. In fact, many law enforcement agencies have used credit card spending as a way to track down missing people. The easiest way to avoid this is by always paying with cash, which cannot be traced back to one specific person.

Since we're also in a new age of technology, you may want to consider any cell phone you might have on your person regularly. A lot of these phones track your location, such as Facebook or Twitter when you make a post. You can turn off this location tracking without getting rid of the cell phone entirely, however many people choose to use other methods of communication that are harder to track.

Hiding right in the middle of a crowd doesn't have to be very difficult. With these tips and tricks, you should be well on your way to concealing your identity and blending in with the public.