Canned Meats can be your best source of protein

Your body uses protein to build and repair tissue. Protein is key to making enzymes and other body chemicals that keep your body running properly. This basic food is also a building block of your muscles, skin, bones, blood and nervous system.

If you need to perform at a higher level, protein is crucial to your optimal mental and physical functioning. Many people are surprised at how little protein is really necessary even for an active athlete. You may not need huge amounts of protein at every meal: but you need at least 3 ounces.

Supermarket Meats Aren't Always the Best

How Canned Meats Can be Your Best Source for Protein in an Emergency Cases

Most brands of canned meat in the supermarket are loaded with additives to stretch the meat and company profits. The culprits are artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. The food is bulked up with fillers like salt and water. It might sound like a joke, but it's true: if you're buying it in a supermarket can, chances are, you don't know where that meat comes from. 

As to frozen or fresh ground meat, one study showed that a popular fast food restaurant's burgers came from cows on three different continents (North and South America, and Australia). We can find high quality, organic, locally-sourced fresh protein (and maybe grow and hunt it ourselves). 

You Need Your Own Supply at Home

How Canned Meats Can be Your Best Source for Protein in an Emergency Cases
But in the case of a real emergency, your supermarket isn't going to have these high quality foods available. Most markets have at most 2 to 3 days of food to meet local needs. We also don't have to tell you that your refrigeration won't be working in the case of a genuine emergency. You will have to grill the fresh meat you have.

And that's where high quality canned meats come in. When you have physical and mental challenges in an emergency, you need pure, natural and nutritious protein. Survival Cave Food provides all of those needs and more. It is all US-grown meat and USDA inspected.
With regular and ground beef, chicken, pork and turkey, you can get the best-quality, best-tasting and reliable protein in case of emergencies, or to fill out family meals. Our canned meat isn't just "survival food." You can take our meats on camping trips or any other type of recreation. 

Affordability and Value

How Canned Meats Can be Your Best Source for Protein in an Emergency Cases
You can find our canned meats on sale frequently. Our canned meat isn't the absolute cheapest, but the value is higher than other foods filled with salt, preservatives or bulked up with water. In our foods, you are getting real meat, all natural, delicious and nutritious. We use meat from animals that are raised responsibly and humanely. We are also a family-owned and operated business which has a mission that goes far beyond just making a profit. 

Flexibility and Choice

How Canned Meats Can be Your Best Source for Protein in an Emergency Cases
If you need food for more than a few days, variety and quality is even more important than for a short-term emergency. Our canned meats come in a number of varieties and two different sizes, 28 and 14.5 ounce (10 and 5 serving) cans. A 28 ounce can will easily provide enough delicious pure meat for a pasta or rice dish for a crowd.

You can mix and match Survival Cave canned meat in a case of either the large or smaller cans, with any combination of the two types of beef, chicken, turkey and pork. Or, if you know your family loves chicken, for example, you can order a single-flavor case. You can also just buy one can at a time, of course, but the best value comes by the case.