Street Gangs Attack

Most national news sources cover only the crimes that meet criteria for driving news coverage and selling ads. Riots in Berkeley, California and other similar cities showed numerous masked people battling in the streets and gangs attacking businesses. Windows were smashed, stores were robbed, fires were set and citizens beaten and kicked. You also saw law enforcement officers sitting idly by while citizens were left to defend themselves against the masked marauders.

But they're also not a street gang. Most street gang violence occurs in poor communities. Their actions on their own turf give us some tips as to what they might try in your neighborhood in an emergency. 

Racially Motivated Street Gang Attacks

In May, 2014, a Latino street gang in Los Angeles' Boyle Hights neighborhood broke into four apartments that black families had recently occupied. They broke windows and threw firebombs inside, setting the apartments on fire. No one died, but the families fled their homes. These were older people or families with little children and no defense.

Drug Motivated Street Gang Attacks

The Grace Abbott Homes in Chicago were torn down in 2007, but before that, they were notorious as "towers of death." Rival gangs routinely sent members to rob and terrorize residents. The motives were drugs, drug money and turf disputes. The final blow that caused the city to tear down the projects was a gang attack on a 52 year old woman. She called police while the gangs were breaking in, but no one responded. They robbed her and shot her four times, and her body wasn't discovered until two days later.

Understand the Law When Planning Defense

You can use deadly force to defend yourself, and in most states, also your home. If one person is trying to break into your home, you are obligated to wait until they actually break in, or are in the process. If a gang attacks, you can't afford to wait.

You are in a military situation and the good news is: most gang members do not anticipate any resistance and some don't know how to deal with it. That's why they attack empty storefronts in smash and grabs, and ambush rival gang members walking alone.

Prepare Your Home and Family

This is a specific kind of readiness involving as many family members as possible. Drill together on what you will do in case the gang comes on your property. Fortify your entry points. Set the property up so attackers must pass through a narrow zone to get even close: a kill zone. Legally, you can kill them if they're approaching your house with weapons.

Prepare your family, which includes firearms and training. Set up protected positions in a wide array where you and your family can fire at the gangs attacking. If you have a two-story house, so much the better, as you can fire down on unprotected gang members approaching through your prepared yard.