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Survive a Hurricane

A tropical storm officially becomes a hurricane when winds get above 74 miles an hour. A hurricane can appear anywhere along the eastern seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane winds are just one danger. The storms can cause devastating flooding and surges of seawater that destroy everything in their path.

Hurricane Katrina in 2005 claimed over 1,500 lives in Mississippi and Louisiana. Services weren't restored in many areas for weeks, and in some ways, New Orleans hasn't yet recovered.

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Seeds to have survival preparedness

If you're in a long-term off-grid situation, you will have to grow your own food. All seeds are not created equal, and you want to get the best seeds for your situation. Deciding which seeds are best for you and your family depends on four factors: your climate zone, your growing space or area, calorie and nutrition value, and seed quality/reproductive ability.

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Canned Meats can be your best source of protein

Your body uses protein to build and repair tissue. Protein is key to making enzymes and other body chemicals that keep your body running properly. This basic food is also a building block of your muscles, skin, bones, blood and nervous system.

If you need to perform at a higher level, protein is crucial to your optimal mental and physical functioning. Many people are surprised at how little protein is really necessary even for an active athlete. You may not need huge amounts of protein at every meal: but you need at least 3 ounces.

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Best Ammo Stash

We won't be the first ones to point out that if you don't have enough ammo, your guns aren't any better than a club or shovel. They might even be less useful without ammo!
Whatever weapons you have, the general minimum rule is, store at least 1,000 rounds per caliber and have another 1,000 rounds available for practicing. Many people store more, or have goals of building up their ammo stash as high as possible.

That said, ammo is expensive and the large caliber ammunition for big weapons takes up a lot of space. Weapons experts advise that you should have at least three to five magazines for each weapon you have with a magazine. You won't have time in a genuine emergency to fool around with loose bullets. Or, picture it this way. Did you ever watch the bumbling deputy Barney Fife on the old Andy Griffith Show? Sheriff Andy gave Barney an unloaded revolver and one bullet "just in case," because there was no way skinny, hysterical Barney was ever going to carry a loaded gun around without shooting himself in the foot. For our purposes of defense, Barney's single bullet isn't going to do the job.

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Is Prepping a Waste of Time?

5/16/2017 1:40 AM

Prepping a waste of time

If you're like most others, you've probably wondered if all your hard work and money going into planning and preparation is a waste of time. What if the events you're preparing for never occur? Couldn't you have then taken extra vacations, bought some new electronics, maybe another type of car, or added on to your house. Or ... the list goes on and it's endless.

If you really wanted all those things we just listed, wouldn't you have bought them already? 

Your hard work and preparation can feel like a waste of time, but how many times have you been surprised by events in the past year? If you prep and there is no doomsday event or emergency situation, you still have your supplies and in the case of the consumables, you can and should use them. Don't let your hard-earned equipment, food and supplies go to waste.

The other day, one of our neighbors cut his foot while walking to his car. Our emergency supplies came in handy -- turns out all he needed was some super glue and the right kind of dressing on the wound.

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Prepper Marriage

Married couples seldom agree on everything and prepper philosophy is no exception. The even the most perfect couple doesn't agree on every way to prepare to survive. 

What if you and your spouse don't agree on everything? How can you get on the same page for emergency preparedness, stocking up on adequate ammunition or food. Couples who got together on this have some practical advice: take things one step at a time.

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Tornado Alley

Tornadoes occur primarily in the United States, and most of them happen in "Tornado Alley," a stretch of the country that extends from northern Texas through Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri, and also includes parts of Iowa, Nebraska, Louisiana, and eastern Colorado. The landscape that includes distant mountain borders, and miles of flat plains, combine to create huge, extreme thunderstorms called supercells. Dixie Alley is an offshoot of the north-south Tornado Alley, which spawns huge storms and tornadoes across the South. 

The storms are fed by cold dry air from the northwest, which meets up with warm dry air coming up from Mexico and warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico.

A NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) map of tornadoes between 1950 and 2006 shows more than 30 counties in Tornado Alley that had more than 15 strong or violent tornadoes during this time. About 88% of tornadoes are weak, moving slowly, with relatively slow wind speeds. The rest of them are fast-moving, and about 1% are extremely strong violent killers that can and do devastate entire towns.

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Birch Bark

Birch bark is one of the best types of bark you can use to start a fire. It will light when it's damp because its natural oils are highly flammable.

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Street Gangs Attack

Most national news sources cover only the crimes that meet criteria for driving news coverage and selling ads. Riots in Berkeley, California and other similar cities showed numerous masked people battling in the streets and gangs attacking businesses. Windows were smashed, stores were robbed, fires were set and citizens beaten and kicked. You also saw law enforcement officers sitting idly by while citizens were left to defend themselves against the masked marauders.

But they're also not a street gang. Most street gang violence occurs in poor communities. Their actions on their own turf give us some tips as to what they might try in your neighborhood in an emergency.

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North Korea War

Is a North Korea war possible? U.S. troops have been stationed in Korea since July, 1950, after 75,000 North Korean troops invaded South Korea by crossing the 38th parallel. North Korea constantly threatens war on South Korea and the U.S. and incidents are frequent on land and sea. 

Most news outlets only report the occasional nuclear missile launch attempt and crazy-sounding threats from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Is today's threat of North Korea war worse, better, or the same as it has been in the past?

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